Be attentive to loans without guarantor

22 Oct

Asking for a loan without a guarantor has advantages for those who find it difficult to access one for various reasons, however, it is important to pay attention to some aspects that guarantee that it is safe to do so.

In times of crisis, where not only is it enough to tighten the belt but it is necessary to resort to other options, loans seem to be the best alternative to get out of an economic hurry.

Although both banks and small companies have been in the work of diversifying the options and possibilities of accessing a loan, one that remains strong and that raises doubts is that does not require that there is a guarantor to support the commitment.

Loan-free loans are usually attractive for those who find it difficult to access traditional credit because the banks that offer them have a requirement to have a guarantee expressed in a co-signer and it is not easy to get a person to offer as one.

While you can not generalize negatively about loans without a guarantor, they make life easier for many people, if it is necessary to know that:

  • Not everyone is willing to be because of the risks involved in being part of someone else’s debt.
  • There is a risk that the person fails to comply and that the guarantor must answer for the obligation.
  • If the payment can not be made, the guarantor can be reported to the credit bureaus, and his credit history is directly affected.

Why do we have to pay attention to loans without a guarantor?

The reason is simple. A loan without guarantor in a place that is legal, safe and responsible with its customers does not ask for money in advance, because for that a commitment is signed that obligates both parties to comply with what is agreed there.

Variety of companies boast of saying that they do not ask for a guarantor, but they do demand that they are deposited money in advance in order to prevent inconveniences, when in fact this is just a way to defraud people.

With a presence of more than four years in the market and movements of more than 7,500 million pesos, it is an ideal company to request it, because they never ask for money in advance and the entire application and approval process can be supervised by you.

Unless it is a bank, a serious company does not make such requests, so before being seduced by the sounded ‘without guarantor’, make sure you do not ask for money before you receive it, you can be a form of fraud.