How to obtain Credit and Financing?

4 Jun

Is getting BNDES credit easy? Everyone knows that starting a business is difficult, it takes a lot of work and a lot of money to make it work. But for those who have a well written Business Plan, with the feasibility analysis, financial projections and costing already estimated, there is the possibility of seeking financial resources (microcredit and financing) as the investments offered by BNDES. Do you know what BNDES is or how to get credit at this public bank?

BNDES – National Development Bank was founded in 1952 and offers financing for the execution of investment projects in areas such as industry, agriculture and commerce. It works especially in the sense of providing the necessary financial resources to carry out the execution of a project, from the construction of a shed to a new company, to the purchase of new machines to increase the production of an existing company.

Como obter Crédito do BNDES

BNDES offers credit in the following ways: underwriting of securities, financing or non-cash resources. For any of these modalities, it is required to present an ample documentation, which aims to prove the destination of the resource and the fulfillment of the premises proposed by the BNDES, such as ensuring that the result generated is aimed at the modernization of the beneficiary company or the increase of productive capacity.

BNDES credit may be granted to individuals and legal entities, participants in public administration or associations and foundations. In order to obtain credit or microcredit, regardless of the type of organization you are applying for, you must follow the following steps: prior consultation, perspective, framework, analysis and contracting.

According to the type of agreement entered into between the BNDES and the organization, the requested credit is released in stages, through a schedule of results presentation, where the next installment of the amount borrowed is only released when the previous stage is identified. This procedure gives the BNDES the guarantee that the destination of the resources made available will conform to the approved project.

The payment terms of the BNDES financing acquired vary according to the study carried out by the institution in the beneficiary company, this variation is due to the differentiated payment capacity between one company and another.

Some BNDES products such as Finame – Financing Lines have the pre-determined term, which can be from 60 to 90 months.