How To Have A High Credit Score In A Few Months

18 Apr

” Learning how to have a high score is fundamental for anyone who is thinking about having credit in the market place, financing the purchase of a vehicle or property, making financing, etc. But why is this punctuation so necessary? ”

What influence does it actually have on having the request for analysis of funding sent to a bank? We separate these and other answers here.

How to have a high score for credit?

How to have a high score for credit?

Later you will learn how to have a high score with practical tips, situations you can do so that your score be altered and you get the release of auto financing. For this, we list these attitudes that you can begin to have now.

Before the tips properly, we must explain what is and how the score works. The score is very easy to understand and it is present for all Brazilians who have CPF. The score has the following classification:

Credit Score Credit risk
0 to 300 High default rate
301 to 700 Average default risk
701 to 1000 Low default risk

The consumer’s CPF is classified into one of these three levels. There are many factors that influence how the CPF circulates from one to another. The registration made by Serasa is based on several data and has validity of 12 months. People with medium default risk may not always get car financing. Now, if you need to raise your score to increase your chances, check out the following tips:

1. Clear your name if it is dirty

1. Clear your name if it is dirty

To start the score level you have to start with the main one: clean name. Taking your name from the SPC or Serasa registry will already help you a lot. Consult both bodies to find out how their name is.


It is common to find people who, for nonsense, are called dirty. However, they do not even imagine the bank will use this as an argument for not releasing credit.

With the name dirty, it is practically impossible to get the release of credit, even if it is personal. Another factor that influences and that if there was the practice of releasing credit for people with dirty name, interest would be much saltier, as today happens in the personal loan market.

The debt amounts and how long it will actually determine the time your score will return to a great score.

2. Finance and buy on time

2. Finance and buy on time

Buying in term is always good. This is an important tactic for the time when the bank analyzes your credit movements So invest in some more expensive and useful object to buy it and leave it in the history of the card.

Behind these tickets we pay are just banks like Santander, Bradesco, Itaú, among others. They get paid and set up a history from there to cross data. These are banks that provide important services.

3. Do not delay your payments

Whoever has the dirty name really can not afford it. Failure to pay debts can also influence your score.

The correct thing is always to pay the bills on time. This good payer history becomes part of the so-called Positive Register, which traces these good attitudes of the consumer.

4. Make advance payments

4. Make advance payments

Paying bills in advance may be good for you and the bank. The positive register also gathers this important information from the consumer.

This care is well seen in the eyes of companies and that is why this information is so important to the bodies that are in the relationship between consumer and company.

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How to check your credit score online?

How to check your credit score online?

Now that you already know how to have a high score , it’s time to learn how to consult your name on Serasa. When entering the website of the organ, the user will need to make a registration with his personal information and, of course, with the CPF. Soon in this form the system already begins to look for its profile.

After filling in the details, including email and password, it is time to access the system. On the first page the punctuation appears, so it is easier for the consumer to see details of your purchase profile. Well below also the option to enter details of the active cadastre, which is the seal of good payer.

Filling in this information and making the complete profile is key to gaining access to the details of your buyer profile. Although it is valid for 12 months, the query may present a mixed result before this period, especially if you can buy and get it removed.

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